New Viral Graphics posters

Three posters soon to come through Viral Graphics.

This is the Fucked Up/Ceremony poster for the San Francisco date at Slim’s. These will be on sale at the show and through us after the 5th of September. This Viral Graphics poster was done by Kon. Must thank Justin @ Secret Serpents for all the help!

Truly honored that we were finally able to do something for Swans. Their recent live shows were pinnacles in heaviness and performance and we’re sure these new shows will be too. We collabed on this poster with Kon and tried to capture the aesthetic and loose concept behind what we think the ‘Seer’ will sound and feel like. Witnessing the Swans two times on their last tour, tracks like ‘The Apostate’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Seer’ were the guides for this. This is the show poster for the Houston date and will be available at the show and through us after September 16th.

Finally, this is the Melvins Lite poster for the Pensacola date. We are extremely psyched to be doing our third Melvins poster. Hopefully there will be even more in the future. I did the design for this (with layout help and inspiration from Kon) and kinda focused on Trevor Dunn’s contrabass which pretty much blew my mind during the Melvins Lite show. The man is a monster, I’m surprised he doesn’t grind through a new set of fingers every night. Also inspired by the ‘inner body’ art on ‘Freak Puke’ as well as the Guiness book of records. Check the background for a Helhammer logo too! This will be available too at the show and after October 16th from us.

As one of us has moved to the States, keep in mind that all older posters will be shipped out from Greece as normally, But, as these three posters will be printed in the States (Monolith Press), they will start their run in the States first and will be available from a Viral (US) store which we will soon hopefully be able to set up. After a short run here and once we can get the rest sent back to Greece they should be available in Europe too.