Visual Horror Sequences

Faaar too long since I did something not initiated by someone else. No customs, no commissions  no other influence or set back. This piece is all personal and internal expression, having no outside influence.  Well… not really, as the top part is a tribute to mostly 80’s horror movies. I was lucky enough to have a video club in my neighborhood, Video Land 2 (I never knew where #1 was, if there ever was one). The horror vhs section was right next to the entrance of the store and that’s mostly where I spent my time. Unlike the other two or three video stores in my neighborhood, which I had already picked clean, here was an amazing quantity of stuff which I hadn’t yet got my grubby hands on – I still remember the boxes that first caught my eye and drew me in: The Keep, Shockwaves, Slugs and From Beyond. I had no idea what these were and how I could have missed them, 10 year old all-knowing mystic that I considered myself to be. The mostly silent owner didn’t seem to care at all that I was renting horror underaged and unaccompanied, so I started from the top shelf and slowly made my way through. This is were I got my basic horror education and contracted the non curable and very very influential disease of good old hand painted horror vhs cover art. The parts of the tribute in this piece look like they do, probably because I was amazed at the realism and accuracy of the artwork to the actual film content (barring of course the crazy and hilarious misleading cover art here and there). Drawing as a kid, I liked combining different monsters from different films or toys, conjuring up nightmare teams of my favorite fucked up creatures. With this I hopefully did my young self some justice, while paying tribute to a more important form of school to me. Naturally, that place is now a hair salon.

This is the blackline for it.

The empty parts on the lower VHS tape are left open purposefully. I intend to release this as a limited screen printed art print very soon and I wanted to leave parts blank so I could individually customize. Lots of hours of work are ahead!

If you would prefer to ride this than hang it, it is now available on my Boardpusher store as a skateboard. Go there and buy one

More updates on this as they happen.