Kings of Cult; Joe Dante/Roger Corman show at Hero Complex Gallery

Late post on this – there is much ink flowing, so barely any time.

This is my piece for the amazing show at Hero Complex in LA. I never had any Gremlins toys growing up (as my birth country was/is pretty much pop-culturally bankrupt) so I needed to somehow use this opportunity to create a tangible object, almost like a prop. Basically something that would drive my 5 year old self insane.

As I’m not a sculptor and have no knowledge of making toys, I decided to make a more tangible version of my artwork. I wanted to make something akin to what one might find in the rubble of Mr. Wing’s store. Something that looks ancient (in an 80s way) and kinda adds to the mythology present in the film.

This is the blackline for the final piece – due to time constrictions, both pencils and inks for this were done in a single very long and hand destroying day:

“Artifact found in the rubble after the demolition of Mr. Wing’s store. Impossible to accurately date it, although initial testing indicates that it was created sometime during the Shang dynasty around 1200 BC. The symbols upon it have not yet been entirely deciphered, however they seem to depict three distinct warnings of sorts, revolving around water, food and light. The mysterious creatures depicted are of unknown origin yet bear striking similarities to the gargoyle which appeared mysteriously on the Church of St Eva-Marie.”

Tactile Light industries managed to create a lasercut of this on MDF, which would give it the appropriate look and feel.

Here’s what came out –

You can purchase this here as some still remain.

I ended up attending this show – Breathing the same air as Roger Corman, Joe Dante and Dick Miller was surreal and inspiring. Add that to meeting some great artists and people, as well as being surrounded by some really killer art – one fucking killer night. Check out Trailers from Hell (who put this together along with HCG) for some photos of the opening!

Thanks to those who picked up a print!!