‘Icons of Horror’ @ Guzu Gallery

Vince from Guzu Gallery in Austin, TX was kind enough to ask me to take part in their ‘Icons of Horror’ portrait show this Halloween.

I made two pieces, one of which you should know, otherwise what the hell are you doing looking at my website. The other one might have actually scared you as a kid and it’s the Closet Creature from the ‘Inside the Closet’ episode of ‘Tales from The Darkside’. If you need a refresher course on that terrible tiny pale thing, turn off the lights and click here.

So, one lives in your closet and the other in your dream, you must buy both prints, to survive till next Halloween…

Both pieces are drawn with .005 and .08 microns on bristol board and they are available as one color screenprints, 12×18 inches, numbered and strictly limited to 25, at $25 each. Keep in mind I will have no APs of either of these.

BUY Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

BUY Closet Creature (Tales from the Dark Side)

Here’s what the online press had to say about the opening night – photos included.