Black hole update vol.2 – Pallbearer Press

Lots of stuff available through Pallbearer Press and even more ghastliness still to come…

First up, a new logo design, some may have seen it in sticker form at various cons throughout the US..


Next up, a design for a true favorite, underrated Costanza starring slasher “The Burning”. The back piece for this is an intended Pettibon tribute, you’ll figure it out. Currently sold out.

Burning-Front-Pyromallis Burning-Closeup-Pyromallis


Next up, one for a fallen hero. Very happy with how this one turned out. Much “fun” was had doing the lettering for this one...Available here.

Phantasm-Pyromallis Phantasm-Process-Pyromallis

Last but not least, here’s the blackline for a design you may or may not see lurking around.