Melting hot lava weather ‘summer is fun’ mega post sweat extravaganza.

People expect me to be on holidays, as I live in a country with beaches, islands and racists, but no, I have no need to be scorched further by the burning rays of the Sun.

Instead, here’s some recent artwork, gathered together for your viewing pleasure. As per usual, all artwork here is copyrighted & hand-drawn with microns on bristol board.

First up, a poster design for a great show coming up, namely Drew McDowall live in Athens. His recent record ‘Collapse‘ is really really good and I’ve found it to be one of the few ‘non-guitar-screams-chaos-vomit-molten-metal’ records I listen to these days. This design was made to compliment an upcoming poster by Konstantinos Psichas – he also handled the layout for this. Tried a different style somewhat with this piece, less stippling, more density, less attention to detail and strictness.


Next up, some artwork we at Viral Graphics were very happy to work on. Keith of Utech Records asked us to create the art for their 100th release and we couldn’t thank him more. Cover portrait was executed by me, remaining and inlay astral art by Konstantinos Psichas and Keith Utech handled the excellent layout. This release by Suzuki Junzo is released this month via Utech records, so eyes peeled.


Definitely something I’ve always wanted to draw. One of my favorite horror movies, this blew my mind when I first rented it from the video store (now turned hair salon) around the corner. Slimey, gory, pervy and pink, this ‘Lovecraft adaptation’ is a classic and Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree are all in it, so if you haven’t seen it, you’re failing to exist properly. Available in t-shirt form from Pallbearer Press, as per usual.


And last but not least, two more t-shirt designs. One of them is Lee Van Cleef worship. The other is something I had a lot of fun doing, even though trying horse anatomy in perspective for the first time, SUCKS.