Mass of recent work.

December 18, 2016

Here’s some recent work I’ve been doing. I’ve been conjuring up A LOT more, but this is all that I’m allowed to show right now. Probably the last post for this…memorable year. Expect a lot more in the year of MMXVII, in which …

New shirt and artwork

May 31, 2016

Got a new t-shirt design ready for Pallbearer Press. Had to squint really hard to see through the grain and maybe get few likeness points right…available now, here. LOTS more to come through Pallbearer Press very soon…eyes peeled. Also, here’s …

Traffic Death/Lurking Corpses split artwork

May 19, 2016

Another really fun piece for me to work on (via Viral Graphics), for Traffic Death. This time, it’s a split with the Lurking Corpses.  Available soon! He finally got his damn Pepsi.

Black hole update vol.3 – Everything else

April 6, 2016

…and to finish with this update from the black hole, here’s some more stuff. Pretty much why I haven’t been posting on here in quite a while. Plus, I need a new website. Any takers? Hit me up. Finally, you can …

Black hole update vol.2 – Pallbearer Press

April 6, 2016

Lots of stuff available through Pallbearer Press and even more ghastliness still to come… First up, a new logo design, some may have seen it in sticker form at various cons throughout the US.. Next up, a design for a …

Black hole update vol.1 – Viral Graphics

April 6, 2016

I noticed this place is becoming a bit of a black hole. This is probably because I update/code it myself and I probably prefer smearing pages with ink instead, in order to present the world with new monstrosities. First up, …

New Pallbearer Press shirt // Killer Waves shirts

December 9, 2015

News item #1 This happened some months back, but I made a shirt to help support the effects budget for the upcoming James Balsamo film, “Killer Waves”. It’s a slasher, featuring cameos by Phil Anselmo, Frank Mullern from Suffocation and …

Pallbearer Press shirts

November 26, 2015

You may have noticed my ongoing collaboration with the fine people at Pallbearer Press. Here’s the first six we’ve done and there are more to come. Fully original 100% hand-drawn designs that you won’t find anywhere else. They now have …