Witchfinder General t-shirt

October 21, 2015

Yet another t-shirt on my ongoing collaboration with Pallbearer Press…This time, a true classic..WITCHFINDER GENERAL. 100% hand-drawn, micron inks on bristol. Available here now

Alucarda t-shirt, pt.2

October 20, 2015

And here is the back view of the Alucarda shirt which you can pick up here at Pallbearer Press. Wear it and make the eyes of priests bleed while churches erupt in flames.

Alucarda T-shirt

October 19, 2015

Extremely psyched to announce the new design for Pallbearer Press. Definitely a favorite horror movie which needs to be checked out sooner rather than later, if you already haven’t. You can’t go wrong with corrupt naked Satanic mistresses. Buy it …

Trapped Within Burning Machinery artwork

October 6, 2015

This is just a fraction of the illustrations me and Kon produced as Viral Graphics, for the new Trapped Within Burning Machinery LP “The Filth Element”. A dirtier take on certain elements from the similarly titled sci-fi film. I think …

Nightwatch zine

September 26, 2015

Psyched to be contributing to the debauchery and depravity that is Nightwatch ‘zine for the 3rd time. Thanks to Tallboy and Krusty for having me around! This being the 10th issue and party-themed, I partied. Get it here! Follow them on …